The Natopia Guide to Stepping out of your comfort zone with colourful leggings!

Leggings are the peak of fashion and comfort. This versatile piece of clothing has become a wardrobe necessity. More than just a casual look, anyone who has worn leggings can testify that they are versatile and suitable for many occasions. You can pair up your leggings with tees, shirts and dresses and try out different looks. The right pair of leggings can take your outfit from normal to exceptional. Whether you eat and breathe fashion, or prefer simpler and classic looks, leggings can be used in most of your outfits. They can complete your look while oozing comfort and ease. From conservative to trendy looks, leggings are the all-rounders of your wardrobe. 

With this versatility also comes a confusion around how to style your favourite pair of leggings. For those who are used to simpler, conservative colours like black and navy, moving out of your comfort zone can be challenging. Colourful leggings come in a number of prints and designs. If you are not used to styling colourful outfits, deciding what to wear and how to carry it off can be a scary task. But do not fear! We at Natopia believe that your clothes should be fun and bring out your individuality. Read out tips below to figure out how to style colourful leggings that make you feel like yourself. 

Start slowly and keep it simple

If you are new to bold and colourful prints, you can start with simpler designs. Leopard print, Scottish print, patchwork and watercolour are simple designs that have fine detail. For people who are not used to a splash of colour, these designs will not be too overwhelming or extra. You can pair up these patterned leggings with solid colours. Colourful leggings with solids work very well because they look well put-together even when you don’t want to put into much effort. 

Solid with a print is a classic look that you cannot go wrong with. Keeping the top plain with patterned leggings will balance your outfit. Depending on the print, you can wear leggings in the workplace or during Yoga. For example, pairing up leggings with a posy print with a shirt can give you a business casual look. Similarly, pairing a loose top with leggings that have a funky design will give you a cute outfit for girls’ night. Or you could wear a cute pullover or cardigan over a print design for those cooler days.

Know your body type

When getting a pair of colourful leggings, it is important to know your right size. The pattern and design of the leggings will accentuate and emphasise certain areas of your legs and hips. Finding your right size will give you a good silhouette. Paired with a good top, the right size of leggings will give you a flattering fit and complete your outfit. At Natopia, we believe that every body type deserves comfort and style. Our collection offers leggings in all sizes – 8-14 one size, 16-20 plus size, and 22-26 extra curvy. Use the size filters to get your pair. No matter what your body type and requirement, we have the right pair of leggings for you! 

Find the right layers 

An essential part of styling is finding the right layers for your outfit. Layering your outfit will give you a good look without going overboard. The great thing about wearing colourful leggings is that the right jacket or cardigan can take your outfit to the next level. Give your look a little edge with a trendy jacket or wear a sweater for a cooler day. You can also try wearing colourful leggings under a mini skirt, short dress or denim shorts. 

Finish off with footwear and accessories

And since leggings can be matched with many styles, you can try different footwear to complete your look. Try sneakers and pumps for the casual days and high heels for a special night out. To accessorise, dig into your stash and find simple jewellery to complement your printed leggings. Your whole look will be topped off with minimal jewellery. 

Fashion rules with leggings are not so rigid. Since leggings are versatile, they can be styled as pants, joggers, or loungewear. You can try new styles and create signature looks for yourself without putting in too much effort. They can be worn in many different ways, so you can try something new by matching the same pair of leggings with different tops and dresses. Are you ready to create your own unique look? Check out Natopia’s entire collection of colourful leggings and try something exciting today!