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      179 products

      179 products

      Capris Leggings for Women in Australia

      Capri leggings, what’s not to love? Not too long, not too short, these babies are THE versatile leggings for ladies on the go. Fall out of bed and slip into these for your morning yoga class, then rock up to lunch with the girls or take your nearest and dearest out for a fun-packed day of adventure.   
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      There are so many ways to switch up these leggings; swap the tank top for a flowy dress and you’ve transitioned from day to night, BAM. Any season, any time, any day; these leggings have got your back. You’ll be the coolest chick at the yoga centre, park, market, theme park, or wherever else these buttery smooth and soft capris will take you. 

      What are capri leggings?

      Capri tights are the happy medium between full-length leggings and cropped pants. Capri leggings have mid-calf length, which makes them the perfect choice for both comfort and style. 

      What different types of capri leggings are there? 

      The coolest thing about capri leggings is you can make them bend to your needs and comfort level. What makes you the happiest in the world? 

      Our different versions are:


      For those who still want buttery-soft and stretchy capri leggings but prefer a firmer fit, with a non-slip elasticated waistband.

      Super Soft

      Lightweight silky smooth buttery capri leggings without elastic in the waistband. They are slightly shorter than the Deluxe capris.

      How To Style Your Capri Leggings

      There are so many ways to style these amazing leggings, and so many outfit possibilities — because there are a variety of cute prints and colours! To get into the festive mood, why not try the Dancing Cactus Deluxe Capri or the Santa in Space Capri for something a little different this year. Embrace messy hair, throw on a beautiful top, pair it with our colourful deluxe capri, throw on your favourite pair of sneakers and you’ve got the perfect look for a boogie on the dancefloor or a nice picnic under the sun.  

      But what if you’re looking for something neutral that you can match with anything? Perhaps for a little casual wine sesh with the girls?  Try the Navy super soft capris and match it with a nice blouse and some hoops. 

      One of the best things about capri leggings is that they can be styled for any occasion. Whether you're running errands or headed to a Yoga class, there's a capri legging outfit for you. Not sure where to start? Check out these three easy-to-wear looks. 


      For a casual at home look, pair your capri leggings with an oversized t-shirt and sneakers. This is a great outfit for running errands or grabbing coffee with friends. If you want to dress it up a bit, swap out the t-shirt for a button-down shirt or add a statement necklace.

      Dressed Up: 

      Yes, even capri leggings can be dressed up! Pair them with a black tank top and blazer for an easy office-appropriate look. Add heels and some sparkly jewellery, and you've got an outfit that's perfect for happy hour or date night. 

      What is the difference between Capri and 7/8?

      Natopia’s capri leggings are supposed to sit mid-calf. Whereas 7/8 leggings end just above the ankle, Natopia’s capris sit at mid-calf length. A 7/8 can also have a wider hem, which capri leggings do not. Capris take the shape of your legs. 

      Both types of leggings are made from stretchy materials that are comfortable to wear, and can be dressed up or down for different occasions. Now that you know the difference between these two types of leggings, you can choose the one that is right for you!

      Are crop pants and capris the same?

      In a word, no. The key difference between cropped pants and capris is the length. Cropped pants are typically anywhere from mid-calf to ankle length, while capris only sit below the knee at mid-calf length.

      Another way to tell the difference is by the silhouette. Cropped pants are usually straight-leg or wide-leg, while capris are often more fitted through the thigh and calf with a wider hem. This is because cropped pants originated as a menswear style while capris were designed as women's wear.

      Shop Natopia’s carefree Capri collection now. With our wide range of capris, explore comfort from the bottom up! Take a look at our size chart for more details. Check out our FAQs if you have any questions. For styling ideas, check out our blog today!