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      6 products

      Women's Cardigans

      Ladies, we need to talk about Cardigans. The one item that has been there for us from the start. Who doesn’t love a good cardi? A must-have transitional piece for all seasons, there are cardigans for just about every occasion. The best thing about cardigans is once you have a goodie, you’re pretty much set for life! Because a cardigan, like a good wine, only gets finer with age. The more wear, the more snug and comfortable your cardigan gets.

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      The oversized cardigan for all seasons

      The Drape Cardi is that treasure trove piece. On the lighter side but with just enough coverage, you can use this cardigan as a staple between seasons. Instantly update your wardrobe with this garment and use it as a layering device to spice up any old outfit. Loosey-goosey but skimming nicely over your curves, there’s so much to get excited about with this one. Show off your effortless style at the festival, in the beer garden, on your brisk morning walk; running errands, clutching a cuppa by the campfire: this cardigan rolls up easily in your handbag and can accompany you all about town. In blush, it’ll add that gorgeous pop off colour that will liven up your basics. Throw a white tee and some jeans underneath and you’ll be letting everyone know: I just rolled out of bed but I still look like a million bucks. Or mix things up and go the complete opposite route by pairing your boldest, most colourful pieces together. Print pants, a clashing coloured tee, statement earrings. Damn girl! Tell the world you’re not shy. This would be an awesome look for a daytime date at the arcade, shopping with the besties, front row at a concert, game night. What’s stopping you?

      Women’s long cardigan for comfort and style 

      Moving right along to the Festival Shrug, and this cardigan? This cardigan is the one. But keeping it real for a second—we all know the worst thing about the women's cardigan section of any store is that the cardigans are always so damn tight and cropped. But not this one. Nope, this oversized cardigan will not let you down. In a range of jaw-dropping royal tones, like forest, emerald, cobalt, hot pink, teal and yellow, this cardigan can be dressed up and dressed down. A ladies cardigan fit for the office, the pub or the weekend getaway you’ve been fantasising about.

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