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      Women’s tops from Natopia are a unique fashion statement to add to any wardrobe! Lightweight and airy, yet made from durable fabrics make these items the ultimate go-to pick for warm, sunny days. Crafted in stunning colours, Natopia’s range of bamboo and viscose tops is eye-catching without being over the top. Show off your creative side with women’s bamboo t-shirts and viscose material tops that allow you to express yourself with your wardrobe, no matter where you’re going or how you’re feeling. No need to worry about sacrificing comfort for style; these cute creations are designed for both! Make them yours and stand out from the crowd.

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      Is bamboo a good top material?

      Even though bamboo might not be the first fabric that comes to mind when shopping for a wardrobe makeover, bamboo tops are a great way to express your style. Not only is bamboo more breathable than traditional materials, but it's also a renewable source, making bamboo tops both sustainable and fashionable. 

      In addition to being fashionable, bamboo tops offer plenty of advantages over conventional t-shirts; they're softer, more durable and highly absorbent. Whether you're looking for something simple and easy or just having fun expressing your inner creativity, bamboo tops offer up plenty of options. It's time you gave bamboo tops your seal of approval! Match them with your favourite pocket leggings or shorts and get summer ready! 

      Are bamboo tops good to wear in the summer?

      Bamboo women’s lounge tops are a great way to keep you looking and feeling cool this summer. With bamboo's natural breathability, bamboo tops provide a lightweight comfort that doesn't sacrifice style. Natopia’s range of women’s bamboo tops comes in an array of beautiful colours guaranteed to make any outfit pop. So don't sweat it out in the typical summer styles - freshen up your wardrobe with comfy bamboo tops!

      Are viscose tops good for summer? Is viscose breathable?

      Viscose tops are stretchy and soft, which makes them really comfortable. Additionally, they are flexible and lightweight, making them simple to move in. The fact that the viscose material breathes well is an extra bonus. Because they are so comfortable and convenient to wear, viscose material tops are a smart choice for everyday use, especially in the summer.

      Whether you prefer minimalist styles and subtle details, or love to stand out with bold colours and striking silhouettes, Natopia has viscose material tops to suit anyone’s wardrobe needs. Using a viscose fabric that has a generous fit and wonderful cut-out detail, our tops will become your wardrobe essentials this summer. With their effortless style and breathability, women's viscose tops provide the perfect combination of comfort and breathability, allowing you to beat the heat while looking your best all season long!

      What is a jersey-style t-shirt?

      When you hear jersey, you probably immediately think of sportswear. But actually, jersey refers to a variety of t-shirts rather than just a sports uniform. Simply put, a jersey t-shirt is a shirt constructed of jersey knit fabric. The word "jersey" refers to the fabric's knit rather than its composition. The jersey fabric is a machine-knit, small-grain single-knit fabric. 

      If you are looking for a fashionable and sustainable clothing item this summer, bamboo jersey tops have come to the rescue! Made from lightweight and breathable materials, women's bamboo tops are perfect for your next effortless look. These tops offer comfort and versatility that can't be replicated by any other garment. Plus, continuing on with sustainability practices, women's bamboo tops provide you with the comfort of knowing that your fashion choices are eco-friendly.

      Get women’s bamboo tops and viscose tops from Natopia!

      From chilling at home to relaxing on the beach, bamboo tops for women will have you turning heads. Made of incredibly soft bamboo fabric and colour choices that will melt your heart, bamboo tops offer a level of comfort that no other styles can offer. When you want to add a little fun, colourful flair to your casual wardrobe, bamboo tops are guaranteed to help show off your individual artistic style. So grab this summer basic now! Browse our collection today and contact us for more information!