Our shorts come in 2 styles

      SUPER SOFT Lightweight silky smooth buttery leggings without elastic in the waistband, these are slightly shorter in the leg than the deluxe shorts

      DELUXE For those who still want a soft buttery and stretchy shorts but prefer a firmer fit, with non-slip elasticated waistband 

      See our style guide for more details on each style

      33 products

      33 products


      Hey shawty, you look so dang cute in those bike shorts. Squat proof, lunge proof and downward dog proof; these bike shorts were built to last and mould to your bod! Not too loose but not too snug, these long bike shorts are the perfect fit. Accentuate all your assets, without the suffocation you get from other athletic and leisure shorts. They’re non slip and non see-through; or, in other words: no pain just gains! You won’t have to keep pulling them up midway through your pilates or spin class. Can I get an amen? Yep, say goodbye to the undie outlines you used to fuss over in the mirror, dreading the moment you step into the sunlight and find yourself on full display. You heard that right! These bike shorts will guarantee you peace of mind and peace in the waistband. Only high quality, buttery soft bike shorts in this neighbourhood. 

      Our Bike Shorts for Women

      Natopia’s bike shorts come in 2 styles: the deluxe short and the super soft short, but not to worry, there are also some with pockets! (You know we can’t resist pockets).

      SUPER SOFT Lightweight silky smooth bike shorts without elastic in the waistband, these shorts are the bomb. The super soft shorts are slightly shorter in the leg than the deluxe shorts, so you can feel the breeze on your legs and you won’t be sweating up a storm on those super hot days. But there’s still enough coverage to provide the ultimate comfort and minimise chafing at the thighs.

      DELUXE are ideal for those who still want soft buttery and stretchy shorts but prefer a firmer fit, with a non-slip elasticated waistband.

      Getting some movement into your day shouldn’t make you feel like crap. You want to feel cute and powerful, tucked in but comfy, while you stretch, swim, shop, hike and dance. It’s about loving your body how it is and celebrating that! At the end of the day, your shorts should mould to your body, not the other way around. We’ve all tried on that one pair of shorts that made us feel defeated; it was either irritating or unflattering or clinging to all the wrong places, or all of the above. Luckily these bike shorts are designed with women, and our needs, in mind.

      If you’re the life of the party, we think you’re going to love some of the weird and wonderful prints we have on offer. There’s the Shake Your Peacock Deluxe Shorts, the Paisley Party Super Soft Shorts and the Rainbow Deluxe Shorts for the crazy cat or the wild child. But if you like to stick to the book—you just know what works! Don’t you?—there’s also the Black Deluxe Shorts for when you want to keep things cool and casual.

      High waisted bike shorts

      High waist bike shorts are the shorts you’ve been waiting for; figure hugging and skimming over your amazing features, you’ll feel like an 80s aerobics instructor in these, but with a cool modern twist, of course. And…maybe minus the headband and leg warmers.