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      79 products

      79 products

      Leggings with Pocket in Australia

      At Natopia, we’re all about doing things a little differently. Whether that’s dresses that bring a splash of colour to your day or beautiful animal print leggings; we’re obsessed with super comfy, amazing designs that take you anywhere. But in addition to being creative and expressive with our clothes, we believe in practicality and comfort. Because after all, what’s a lovely pair of leggings without comfort and support? Introducing, Natopia’s leggings with pockets!

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      At Natopia, we like to make sure that while our leggings have fun and vibrant designs, they have the same level of practicality and comfort. And how do we do that? Leggings with pockets, of course! Functional, versatile, buttery soft and drop-dead gorgeous, these leggings are what your wardrobe needs! Check out our range of leggings with phone pockets, in black and patterns. Just pop your phone, card and keys in your pocket and leave your purse behind. 

      Oozing comfort no matter where you wear them, leggings with pockets give you an easy look that is as practical as it is cute. Natopia’s pocket leggings are leagues above the rest. With room to fit your phone, keys, or doggy bags — whether you’re taking your fur baby on a walk or getting groceries — you’ll be comfortable wherever you go. So move over regular leggings, pocket leggings are here to stay. 

      Make a statement with one of our colourful leggings with pockets, or go for something a little more simple and discreet with our black leggings with pockets. Whether you’re looking for a burst of colour or an understated gem, Natopia is the home of buttery soft gorgeous leggings with pockets. At Natopia, we believe that leggings are for everyBODY. We have pocket leggings in sizes from 8 to 26. So, find your favourites and order now!

      Do leggings have pockets?

      While most leggings don’t have pockets, we at Natopia have you covered. Remember the last time you tried to buy leggings and you tried to slide your phone into the pocket and there wasn’t one? But never again with Natopia’s phone pocket leggings. Not only is there one pocket for your phone, but we also have another side pocket that is perfect for holding your essentials while you're on the go. By being on the thighs, it also avoids the leggings from looking too bulky.

      The 2 pockets are on either thigh and are big enough for any phone, keys, and even a small water bottle! They have visible accented stitching. Just check the patterned picture for reference! Available in sizes 8-20, our leggings are non-see-through and pass the squat test! The perfect addition to your wardrobe.  

      Looking for pocket leggings in Australia? 

      If you’re looking for pocket leggings in Australia, you’re in the right place. Natopia is the home of comfortable, beautiful leggings with pockets. If your wardrobe is in need of some happy prints, pair our colourful pocket leggings with a matching top and you’ve got a great new outfit ready to go! 

      If you’ve got a little Christmas function coming up and looking for something comfy and festive, have we got the pocket leggings for you! Get your holiday errands out of the way in this comfy outfit. 

      Why are Natopia leggings better than regular leggings? 

      Here are three reasons why you should choose Natopia leggings with pockets:

      1. They're Functional

      Leggings with pockets are not only stylish, but they're also functional. The side pockets are perfect for holding your phone, keys, or even a small snack. No more having to carry a bulky purse or bag with you when you go for a quick yoga session or run errands.

      2. They're Comfortable

      Leggings are already comfortable, but leggings with pockets take comfort to the next level. Natopia’s pocket leggings are buttery soft and smooth and come with elastic in the waistband to help keep them up. The pocket material is stretchy and doesn't add any bulk or weight to the leggings, so you can wear them all day without feeling weighed down. 

      3. They're Affordable

      Natopia’s leggings with pockets are an affordable way to upgrade your wardrobe. Plus, they come in fun prints and colours. The best part is that leggings go with everything. So, pair up your leggings with different tops to get new outfits from the same clothes. 

      What is the pocket in my leggings for?

      Whether you’re carrying your phone, keys, gym card, or some sanitiser, the leggings that come with a pocket are perfect for a quick stroll or a trip to the store. Easy, comfortable and with a wide selection of prints - Natopia’s pocket leggings will steal the show everywhere!

      Here’s why we love our pocket leggings! 

      1. Ditch your purse!

      Let's be honest, lugging around a purse can be a pain. With Natopia’s pocket leggings, you can keep your phone, keys, and credit card close and safe – no purse necessary!

      2. They're great for travel

      If you're always on the go, leggings with pockets are a lifesaver. Taking a long flight or a road trip, leggings with pockets are bound to make the journey easier. You can keep track of your essentials as you explore a new city.

      3. You'll look put-together and stylish

      Just because leggings are comfortable doesn't mean they have to look sloppy. With the right pair of leggings, you can easily transition from yoga to chilling at home without skipping a beat. And your essentials will always be handy with pockets!

      Where can I find leggings with pockets?

      At Natopia, we have a wide selection of leggings with pockets that pretty much pay for themselves. Not just functional, but also stylish. A range of patterns that offer luxurious comfort is what Natopia is all about. Read our style guide to learn more. Check out our catalogue today and contact us if you need any information.