How Natopia is fighting the pockets war! Pockets made comfy and affordable

Pockets are fantastic. They hold our stuff to keep our hands free, they’re perfect to put your hands in when you don’t know what to do with them. They’re like tiny doorways that transport loose change and lollies into our clothes whenever we need them most. 

But not all clothes are made equally. Apparently, liberty and equality do not apply to all clothing, especially when looking at women’s clothes. Either women’s clothing doesn’t have pockets at all, their pockets are smaller than men’s, or their pockets are fake. Honestly, fake pockets are a scourge for both men and women and should be done away with.

Everyone deserves pockets

Here at Natopia, we know how amazingly convenient pockets are. We also understand that many people’s go-to casual clothing choice these days are leggings. They’re easy to put on, breathable and can help you go from relaxing to exercising without needing to change. 

We’ve come up with a solution to make sure you never have to carry a bulky bag or throw on a jacket just because it has pockets ever again. We have leggings with pockets Australia loves in all different sizes, 8-14 one size, 16-20 plus size and 22-26 extra curvy, in various fun colours and patterns.

Why choose leggings with pockets?

What could be better than style meeting convenience? In our eyes, absolutely nothing! That’s why we love our pocket leggings so much! There are so many benefits to having pockets and even more to having leggings with pockets. Come with us as we fight the war on pockets, pick up your weapon of choice (soy lattes and wine come highly recommended) and come with us as we discover the amazing benefits of pockets on leggings. 

Carry your phone anywhere 

You probably despise how annoying it is to bring your phone with you when you go for a run outside. While you may have pondered leaving your phone at home, we all know that just isn't possible. 

But wearing leggings with pockets, will allow you to carry your phone with you everywhere you go. With pockets, you can simply slip your phone in, and the possibilities are endless as to where you can go!

Don’t forget your keys!

Fortunately, leggings with pockets allow you to take anything that fits into your pocket with you wherever you go. You don't need to worry about bringing a bag or purse which makes these leggings perfect to quickly run down the street or go for a quick power walk. Never again will you need to stress about losing your house keys!

Leave your bag behind  

Bringing a bag with you while you're going out for the day or on an errand might be inconvenient, especially if you don't always have a tiny bag ready for short outings. While you may wish to keep everything in your pockets, jeans may not be the best choice for that day because of the weather, and let’s face it they’re not as comfortable as leggings. Thankfully, you can finally have both comfort and convenience with pocketed leggings.

With leggings with pockets, you can easily carry your phone and money without carrying a bag. You can have more relaxing travels that allow you to move around more easily. What's even better is that leggings are now called pants and come in various styles and designs. They no longer resemble sportswear and instead resemble regular pants, making you feel more at ease when heading out.

Natopia has leggings with pockets Australian women love

Leggings provide your skin with nothing but genuine comfort. They give you the freedom to move around as you wish without being restricted and leggings with pockets will provide you with the comfort and convenience you require.

This is why we knew we had to offer a range of stylish, convenient leggings with pockets. Get yourself a pair of leggings with pockets Australia loves today, and we promise it will be the wisest decision you will ever make. Fight the war on pockets with a pair of leggings from Natopia!