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      15 products

      Pocket leggings are everything

      At Natopia, we’re all about doing things a little differently. Whether that’s trippy-dippy dresses or animal print leggings; we’re obsessed with everything glittery, colourful and out of this world. But in addition to our kooky side, we can be practical too, because what’s a lovely pair of leggings without the comfort and support? It seems that a lot of brands think basics have to be one or the other, stylish or comfortable, and we want to prove to you that anything is possible if you aim for the stars. What’s even better than leggings without pockets? Leggings with pockets, of course! Functionable, versatile and drop-dead gorgeous, these leggings are a work of art—a stroke of genius! Check out our range of leggings with phone pocket, in black and patterns. 

      Pocket leggings are the best thing since sliced bread, just pop your lippy, smartphone, card or earphones in your leggings and experience the freedom of dashing out the door without your purse. You could probably even fit a chihuahua in there—well, maybe not a chihuahua, but a chihuahua puppy for sure. We have pocket leggings for pocket sized peeps and curvy ladies too, with sizes One Size, Plus Size and Extra Curvy available. Yep, you heard that right. There are pocket leggings for everyBODY, because we all deserve comfortable, practical and super cute pairs of pocket tights. Natopia’s pocket leggings are leagues above the rest, with room to fit your keys, change and doggy bags, you’ll never get enough! So move over regular leggings, pocket leggings are here to stay. 

      In love with girly, colourful prints? The BUTTERFLY KISSES POCKET LEGGINGS will have you floating in air. These leggings are basically a pocket full of sunshine in clothing form … they’re downright dreamy. How do we describe these next leggings other than “pure happiness”? The WILD LEOPARD POCKET LEGGINGS are perfect for the crazy cats among us, the item you need if you’re a total showstopper. 

      Stand out from the crowd with our pocket leggings, you’ll be sure to cause a stir in either of these designs. And if you do want to go for something a little more simple and discreet, we won’t judge you for that either! The Black Deluxe Pocket leggings are the understated gem you’re looking for: minimal but sophisticated, well-made and gorgeously designed. These leggings will make you feel like an off-duty supermodel. What’s not to love? For too long we’ve been having to haul our bags and purses with us to the gym, beach, park and on school pickups, but the struggle is over. If men don’t need to bring bags for everything, why can’t we go without too, ladies? Amirite? These leggings might be the last leggings you’ll ever need, unless you stock up on several more that is.

      Leggings with pockets Australia

      Leggings with pockets are here! The 2 pockets are on either thigh and are big enough for any phone, keys, and even a water bottle! They have visible accented stitching. Just check the patterned picture for reference! Available in sizes: One size 8-14, Curvy Plus Size 16-20, Spandex Polyester blend. Non see-through and passes the squat test! Buttery soft, smooth and comfortable. Pocket leggings are the combo we should have come up with decades ago, but they’re here at last. These leggings basically shoot sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. The solution to just about all of your problems (we can vouch for this). The perfect addition to your wardrobe along with capri leggings, short leggings and leopard leggings. Shop Natopia pocket leggings now and you’ll be jumping for joy.