How to style Natopia Capris in the Spring

Welcome to the world of comfortable and fun fashion. Natopia’s collection of capri leggings are all you will need for the spring and summer. Capris have a reputation for being notoriously hard to pull off. But Natopia’s designs and fits are flattering on anyone! We believe in creating clothes for everyBODY. With spring here, Natopia has made sure that you are ready for the changing season with something comfy. 

So what are capris? They are pants that sit above the ankle and below the knee. These short pants can be made of any fabric and have either a slim or a straight cut. At Natopia, our capris are 3/4 length leggings. Perfect for weather that’s a bit warm, you can wear capris to show a bit of leg while having the same level of comfort. Spring is the perfect time to bring out your capri leggings. It’s warm, but not hot enough to bust out the shorts. Read on below to figure out how to style our capri leggings in the spring.  

Why should I wear capris?

The overall look of capris is quite trendy. If modest clothing is your jam, you can show off a bit of skin and look playful with the right pair of capri leggings. You can wear them while running errands, going out or doing some Yoga. With their cool breathable design and soft fabric, capri leggings are ideal for the spring weather. 

Made with love for everyBODY, Natopia’s collection of capri leggings is a unique range. This collection is made of the softest blend of polyester and spandex that is buttery soft and smooth. Our capri leggings are available in every size. Choose between one size 8-14, plus size 16-20 and curvy 22-26 to be swathed in comfort. And to seal the deal, you can find vibrant and whimsical prints to add to your wardrobe. Check out our King of the Bush Deluxe Capri. A customer-favourite, this pair flies off the shelves because of its unique print. 

Pair up with a top

The top that you pair your capri leggings with will make your basic look. Pair up your capri leggings with a tee or a tank. With shorter length leggings, the length of your top matters. Make sure you choose a longer top to match your capri leggings. Colourful capri leggings can also be worn under a short dress. If you have a pair of plain capri leggings, like our Black Deluxe Capri or Navy Super Soft Capri Leggings, you can match a colourful top with it. With colourful leggings, like our Star Fields Deluxe Leggings, you can choose a plain top. Block colours and pastels will work well. 

Layering for comfort

Finding the proper layers for your clothing is an important component of styling. You can achieve a beautiful look without going crazy by layering your attire. The beauty of wearing bright capri leggings is that the proper jacket or cardigan can take your look to the next level. Wear a fashionable jacket to add a little edge to your style, or a sweater on a cooler day. 

Find the right footwear

Because capri leggings go with so many various styles, you can experiment with different footwear to complete your appearance. For a casual day, try sneakers and pumps. If you want to wear flats, choose the ones with pointy toes. And for a special day out, try wedges. When picking footwear, make sure that you choose shoes that can add to your height and make you look taller. To accessorise, go through your closet and locate some basic jewellery to go with your printed capri leggings. Minimal jewellery can complete your ensemble.

We believe that your clothes should reflect how you feel. Stylish and comfortable on the outside will keep you happy on the inside. Natopia’s capri leggings come in a variety of colours and can be worn when you want to chill around the house, to Yoga, or just when you want to step out for a walk. From plain colours like black and navy to bright designs and patterns, our range has something for everyone. Come check out Australia's favourite capri leggings. This season calls for colourful and happy prints, go on and buy yourself some sunshine - Discover our latest looks online now!