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      119 products

      119 products

      Plus size bike shorts are the perfect wardrobe staple for curvy women. Whether you’re looking for an edgy and statement-making look or something a bit more laid-back and comfortable, these plus size shorts can be your go-to item. Comfy yet stylish, plus size bike shorts can be styled with a variety of looks to match your personal style — from cropped sweaters and oversized button-up blouses to athleisure pieces such as tops or hoodies. You can rock a modern-day streetwear vibe in no time! So ladies, this summer, get ready to give bike shorts a try! 

      Shorts are so comfortable and can be paired up with so much in your wardrobe. No matter how you style your look, your outfit will look well put-together and completely effortless! Plus size bike shorts are just simple and stylish. That’s why we love them! 

      Slip into the bliss of comfortable clothing with Natopia. We believe that comfortable, fashionable clothing is for everyBODY. Our range of bike shorts come in 8-14 one size, 16-20 plus size, and 22-26 curvy. No matter what size you wear, these shorts will become wardrobe staples, especially during summer. Get ready to be creative and create new looks with your plus size shorts!

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      How to style plus size bike shorts?

      Plus size bike shorts are the perfect way to add some style to your wardrobe! Whether you pair plus size bike shorts with a cute crop top and sandals for a day out, or with a comfy hoodie for a cosy night in, plus size bike shorts can complete any look. For fashionistas everywhere, plus size bike shorts are a great choice when you want to bring out the streetwear-inspired vibe. With plus size shorts being so versatile, they're an essential item for every curvy wardrobe.

      Your plus size shorts will be a handy piece for the summer. Natopia has a range of prints and colourful plus size bike shorts that can add glam to an already comfy look. Here are some of our favourite ways to style your plus size bike shorts:

      • Pair them up with a loose tee or an oversized top. A simple pair of plus size black bike shorts paired with a colourful top is a great easy outfit for the summer and even for warmer days in autumn. Or choose colourful shorts and pair them with matching tops in block colours. Top off your look with some shoes or sandals. 
      • Style your bike shorts with a loose formal shirt. Pairing up printed plus size shorts with a button down shirt in muted colours is such an understated look. You will look tidy and smart while being super comfy. Bonus points for adding a belt!  
      • The classic is sometimes the best! For cosy days in, pair up your shorts with your favourite hoodie and get ready to curl up for movie night!

      Where to buy plus size bike shorts?

      If you're looking to take your summer fashion game up a few notches, plus size bike shorts are the way to go! Not only do they provide added comfort and ease of movement, plus size bike shorts also come in a variety of playful prints, creative patterns, and awesome designs. Wear them for running errands, lounging at home, or even as a fashion statement. If you're looking for women's plus size shorts that are bold and unique – we've got you covered with curvy bike shorts from Natopia! Buy yours now and live the life of comfy fashion! Get in touch with our team to learn more today!