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      97 products

      High Waisted Leggings Australia

      High waisted leggings — they’re comfy, stylish, and flattering. What more could you want in a pair of pants? Here at Natopia, we’ve long been fans of high-waisted leggings. Not only do they look good, but they are also incredibly supportive and give you the confidence you need to live an exciting and active lifestyle. While waistlines tend to go up and down depending on the fashion and time, high-waisted leggings always look chic and should be a staple of your wardrobe.

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      If you’re looking for the best high waisted leggings in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Natopia offers an extraordinary range of patterns and colours to suit every style and taste. Read on to find out more about the benefits of this cut of leggings and discover some of our customer’s favourite Natopia styles and prints.

      What Is The Difference Between Mid Rise and High Waisted Leggings?

      As the names suggest, mid rise and high waisted leggings really differ in terms of cut. Mid rise leggings rest across your natural waist, which tends to sit below your belly button. High rise leggings, on the other hand, have an extra width of fabric sewn into the top of the pants that brings the waistline above your hips.

      Both have pros and cons — the style you choose should depend on the activities you are engaging in.

      What Are The Benefits of High Waisted Leggings?

      There are many benefits to wearing high waisted leggings, whether you’re planning an active day out or working from the home office.

      High waisted leggings are particularly beneficial for those working out — whether that’s taking a walk through the local park or participating in a yoga lesson. They tend to provide more support and will stay in place, whether you’re engaging in low impact or high-intensity movements.

      High waisted leggings also work to elongate the body, providing an elegant and stylish look. They look great paired with a cropped t-shirt or puffer jacket.

      Finally, many of our customers love high waisted leggings because they’re just so comfortable! They provide just that little extra bit of support for daily activities. Natopia’s buttery smooth, high-quality material is super comfy and non-see-through, providing you with the comfort and confidence you need to get through the day. What more could you ask for in a pair of pants?

      Our Customer’s Favourite Styles And Patterns

      Natopia leggings come in three main styles — Super Soft, Deluxe, and Ultimate.

      Super Soft is our original leggings — as the name suggests, they’re buttery soft and super stretchy. They are made from quite a light material and are perfect for customers who prefer leggings that are not too restrictive. Super Soft leggings have a high, soft yoga waistband.

      Deluxe leggings come in a slightly thicker fabric and offer a high non-slip waistband. Opt for the Deluxe leggings if you prefer a tighter fit.

      Ultimate leggings combine the best of both worlds — a slightly thicker fabric (as found in the Deluxe leggings) combined with the soft, non-elasticised high waistband of the Super Soft leggings.

      Many of our top-selling patterns are available in multiple styles, meaning you don’t have to choose print over your favourite cut. Our black high waisted leggings, for example, are available Deluxe and Super Soft. You can even purchase a pair with pockets!

      If you’re searching for a pair of high waisted leggings in Australia with a bit more colour, consider our Fairy Forest Deluxe Leggings. A cute print filled with flowers, butterflies, and more, these high waisted leggings are the ultimate in both comfort and fit. Pair them with a black top and puffer jacket for a fun, stylish look.

      Natopia — Leggings For everyBODY

      Here at Natopia, we’re passionate about providing leggings for everyBODY. Our pants are available in sizes ranging from 8–26 and provide a slim, comfortable fit. We might be biassed but we’re fairly certain we offer the best high waisted leggings going around.

      Whether you’re on the go or looking for a go-to pair of high waisted leggings to wear around the house, Natopia’s comprehensive range of colours, patterns, prints, and cuts has you covered.

      Spend some time exploring our leading range of high waisted leggings today, and be sure to contact our friendly customer service team with your questions.