Why Natopia’s Leggings With Pockets Will Have You Ditching Your Jeans

Pockets — no pair of pants is complete without them. Unfortunately, too many pants these days are pocket-less, meaning you have to carry around a bag or hold your phone, wallet, and keys in your hands.

This statement is particularly true of women’s pants, which are even less likely to contain pockets than their male counterparts. Enter Natopia’s leggings with pockets. These pants are the comfiest you will ever wear and come with in-built pockets, making them extremely practical.

Say goodbye to jeans and hello to Natopia’s leggings with pockets. 

Why Purchase Leggings With Pockets?

We doubt you need much convincing about the benefits of wearing leggings with pockets. However, here are a few of our customers’ top reasons for rocking pocket leggings.

Carry Your Phone Anywhere

Planning a big day out at a festival and want your hands to be free at all times? Simply pop on a pair of Natopia’s high-quality leggings and slip your phone into the secure side pocket. 

When you’re on the go, there’s nothing more comfortable than a good pair of leggings and nothing more convenient than pants with pockets. Combine the two by purchasing leggings with a phone pocket — like our Paint Splash Deluxe Pocket Leggings!

Enjoy Absolute Comfort

The truth of the matter is: the main reason many of us choose to wear jeans or formal pants is because of the pockets. Well, Natopia’s comprehensive range of pocket leggings means you don’t have to prioritise functionality over comfort.

Our leggings are made from buttery-soft, non-see-through material that provides absolute comfort. By dressing your leggings up with an appropriate top and stylish pants, you’ll have an outfit fit for any occasion — complete with pockets!

Leave Your Hands Free 

Whether you’re picking the kids up from school or organising a meeting at work, the last thing you want is to be juggling your keys, wallet, and other odds and ends. Leave your hands free to grasp what’s important by investing in a pair of pocket tights from Natopia, like our Flowering Cactus Deluxe Pocket Leggings!

Leggings vs. Jeans 

Sure, jeans are a wardrobe staple for many, and we’re not saying you need to throw out your favourite pair. However, consider these benefits that leggings offer over a standard pair of skinny blue jeans. 


Nothing is more comfortable than a well-fitting pair of quality leggings — particularly Natopia pocket leggings. Our comprehensive range of leggings is made from buttery-soft material that is non-see-through, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally showing more skin than you intended!

Jeans, on the other hand, are highly restrictive and prevent you from doing everything your active life demands.


How many times have you tried on a pair of jeans, only to find one size is slightly too small and the next size up is a little too big? There’s nothing more frustrating than pants that simply don’t fit, which is not a problem you’ll have with Natopia pocket leggings.

In addition to our leggings being available in sizes ranging from 8–26, they’re extremely well constructed and fit perfectly without feeling too tight. We believe leggings are for everyBODY and our broad range of sizes and styles reflects this.


Sure, jeans come in a few different colours and styles. However, nothing can compare to the variety of leggings available from Natopia. Our customers can choose from a comprehensive range of colours, prints, and patterns, from Dogs and Cats Leggings to our popular Caravan of Colours Deluxe Leggings. Of course, we also offer black leggings with pockets for those looking for a standard, everyday pair. There’s something for everyone!

Upgrade Your Leggings To Include Pockets With Natopia

Don’t settle for boring, plain, standard leggings. Shop with Natopia for a broad selection of leggings with pockets in Australia. Once you’ve tried a pair of pocket leggings, you’ll never look back!