Why is it so difficult to find leggings with pockets?

Leggings are the perfect blend of style and comfort. They provide your legs with genuine comfort, while giving you the freedom to move as you wish. Whether you’re heading to the gym for a bit of Yoga, running errands, or just walking around the city, leggings are perfect for you. While leggings sound like the ideal companion for your everyday life, the problem with shopping for leggings is that most of them do not have pockets. And we know that your leggings are better with pockets. Then why does it feel impossible to find leggings with pockets? Read below to find out more about leggings and the kind of pockets you can find. 

Leggings for everyBODY, Pockets for everyBODY

Leggings are the most convenient bottoms you can ever have. Comfy and fun for men and women alike, leggings are easy-to-wear and breathable. An easy option that moves from exercise to casual to party without a fuss, our leggings are versatile and functional. Soft and breathable clothing that moves from day to night easily, Natopia’s leggings look fresh and new anytime you wear them. Bright, vibrant colours and all-day comfort! Bring it on! 

Available at affordable prices, they fit your budget as well as they fit you! Our leggings come in every size so that everyone can enjoy the same level of comfort and style. Size 8-14 one size, 16-20 plus size and 22-26 extra curvy make sure that everyBODY can find leggings in amazing colours and patterns, and most importantly, with a pocket! Pockets make everything easy. Natopia has strategically placed the side pocket for your essentials. Ditch the jacket or the purse, and carry your phone, keys and cards in a simple solution. This joy for pockets is something we take very seriously at Natopia and we want to make sure that your favourite leggings are all that you will need when you step out of the house.

Pockets on the sides

Each pair of leggings will have a different type of pocket that you can choose according to what you have planned for the day. When you find the leggings that just fit, finding pockets on the sides of either or both thighs is just the cherry-on-top. These leggings with pockets are a must have when you go walking or head out with the kids. You can skip worrying about your phone, cards and keys. What makes these leggings stand out is that these pockets are big enough that you can stash everything in one place, and don’t have to fuss if you have a big phone. 

Our perfect black deluxe pocket leggings are an essential in your wardrobe. Pair them with a tee, a shirt, or even a dress, leggings are your best friends. Soft, stretchy fabric that takes comfort to the next level, these leggings have pockets on both thighs. These pockets are generous enough to fit your phones, keys, and even a water bottle. These are the perfect pair of leggings that are flexible and comfortable, and let you move around as you wish without uncomfortable fabric getting in the way. 

At Natopia, we think that your clothes should reflect who you are. Leggings from Natopia are available in a number of colours and may be worn for a variety of events. Our collection offers a wide range of possibilities, from solid colours like black and blue to vibrant prints, patterns, and motifs. Come and browse the leggings that Australia loves. We have leggings in all sizes, 8-14 one size, 16-20 plus size, and 22-26 extra curvy. You can check out the fun patterns and prints that our leggings come in and bring a splash of colour to your dailywear.