Why are leggings becoming your everyday staple?

It is no secret that women’s leggings are absolutely fantastic. Leggings have quickly become a staple of everyday life. Whether it is your “walk-the-dog look” or “chill-around-the -house-look”, leggings can be your everyday outfit. They are perfect for this job because they are suitable both indoors and outdoors. Leggings are versatile and can be worn anywhere. The reason leggings are so popular is because they can be used as normal pants, for exercise, or for casual wear around and outside the house. For some casual downtime, you can pair up your leggings with a tee or hoodie. For a more formal situation, you can find a dress or a shirt that the leggings go with to give you both comfort and style in one go. Super comfy, with colourful designs for every occasion, your wardrobe is incomplete without leggings. 

Whether you’re staying at home and need something comfy, or just running over to grab some groceries, leggings are super relaxing and easy to wear. Natopia's leggings are designed for comfort and our quality is unmatched. They are perfect for when you want to head to the gym for some Yoga or Pilates, and are squat-proof. Our leggings are tried and tested for every type of body and the different lifestyles they lead. 

Find your comfort, no matter where you are 

It is well-known that leggings are versatile. But what is it that makes leggings the perfect fit on most days? Leggings can be your go-to for everyday use since they can be paired up with almost anything you want – tees, tanks, shirts, dresses, and anything else you can think of! Leggings are the top choice when you want both ease and style. 

The moment you try on a pair of leggings, you automatically know that they are softer and more comfortable than jeans or trousers. Leggings allow for more movement while being breathable and soft. Leggings come in a variety of fabrics and are perfect for any skin type. Depending on your preference, leggings can have a loose or snug fit. For your lazy days, you can pick a looser size that can be perfect for lounging on the couch when you re-watch your favourite TV show. For exercise and going out, you can choose more snug fits that can give you a slim and flexible fit.

Choose your style and fit

The comfort of leggings is timeless. What works for leggings is also the fact that their fit and style can be customised to your individual style and body type. Leggings can be snug or loose, giving you different silhouettes that can flatter any body type and shape. Along with showing off your figure, tighter fits of leggings can also give you the shape you’ve been looking for and contour your legs.  Leggings have a simple design that works to their advantage as they can be adapted with any new trends.

Leggings are so popular that you can find your perfect pair in any size in most brands. Here at Natopia, we believe that everyBODY deserves to feel stylish and comfortable. Our range of leggings are available in all sizes – 8-14 one size, 16-20 plus size, and 22-26 extra curvy. Check out our collection of leggings and use the size filters to find your perfect pair!

Easy to maintain, easy to wear

Leggings are probably one of the most convenient clothes you will own. Comfort-factor aside, leggings are easy to maintain and wear. They do not need any extra care or special products. These items remain soft and smooth after multiple washes and keep their shape for a long time. Leggings are easy to wear with any weather. Warm or cool, leggings are made from fabrics that are breathable without being too cold, and sweat-free. 

Here at Natopia, we believe that your clothes should represent you and your individuality. Since they can be worn on different occasions, Natopia’s collection of leggings comes in a variety of colours. From block colours like black and navy to colourful prints, patterns and designs, our collection brings you lots of options to choose from. Browse our entire collection of women’s leggings to get your perfect pair now!