What Makes Pattern Leggings So Fun To Wear?

Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring. Shop with Natopia! We offer one of the broadest ranges of patterned leggings in Australia, with various prints, colours, styles and cuts available.

What makes pattern leggings so fun to wear? Well, like all types of fashion, leggings are an excellent way to express your personality. If you’re a bright, zany person on the inside, why not reflect that in your choice of clothing with a pair of crazy leggings?

Pattern leggings are a simple way to bring a little life and light to those around you.

How To Wear Pattern Leggings

Many people aren’t sure how to best pull off a pair of pattern leggings, particularly if their wardrobe contains mainly muted colours. The good news is that pattern leggings are for everyone, regardless of size or typical fashion style. It just takes a little insider knowledge of how best to wear them.

Start Slow

If you only have black leggings in your wardrobe, don’t immediately jump to the brightest pair of leggings you can find. Start slow — like with our pair of Pink Leopard Super Soft Leggings. The pattern is a little more understated than some of our brighter prints and won’t make too strong a statement.

Opt For A Simple Top

The real trick to wearing patterned leggings is knowing what to pair them with. Ideally, all patterned leggings should be worn with a simple, block colour top. 

If you want to wear a slightly more colourful shirt, ensure that the patterns don’t clash. The horizontal patterned Crocheted Waves Deluxe Leggings, for example, will not go with a vertical striped jumper. Instead, consider a product like our SlouchTop — the ultimate black basic that pairs perfectly with a colourful pair of Natopia leggings!

Think About Your Shoes

It’s not only your top half you need to consider when wearing patterned leggings. Your choice of shoes is equally important. Long boots (black or brown), for example, can look fantastic when paired with a brighter pair of patterned leggings, like our Patchwork Prints Deluxe Leggings.

Prioritise Fit

In order to pull off your patterned leggings, you need to feel absolutely confident in what you’re wearing. You’re unlikely to feel this way unless your leggings fit perfectly.

Fit isn’t something you need to worry about with Natopia’s leggings. Our leggings are for everyBODY and come in sizes ranging from 8–26. With buttery-soft and non-see-through material, you’ll feel confident no matter what print you’re rocking.

Natopia’s Prints And Patterns

Check out some of our customer’s favourite colourful tights and patterned leggings below!

Butterfly In The Night Deluxe Leggings

Shine as bright as a butterfly with our Butterfly in the Night Deluxe Leggings. Beautiful blue butterflies leap off the black background of these high-quality non-see-through leggings with a non-slip waistband. 

Pair with a simple black top for a fun and stylish look.

Dragonfly Daze Deluxe Leggings

Prefer dragonflies to butterflies? Natopia has you covered. Our Dragonfly Daze Deluxe Leggings and bright, colourful, and super fun. They’re an excellent choice for those new to the world of patterned leggings.

Nana’s Blanket Deluxe Leggings

Nothing is quite as warm as your nana’s hand-crocheted blanket, and nothing is quite as comfy and fun as Natopia’s Nana’s Blanket Deluxe Leggings. This pair of patterned funky leggings are perfect for those used to wearing bright, vibrant colours to make a statement. 

Shop For Fun Fashion With Natopia

Fashion is the perfect avenue through which to express yourself. Have fun and show off your bright, unique nature by purchasing a pair (or two) of fun leggings. Our leggings are for everyBODY and are available in sizes ranging from 8–26. Made from high-quality material with a range of patterns and prints available, Natopia is your ultimate destination for fun fashion and printed leggings in Australia. Shop now!