The Natopia guide to our styles: Super Soft, Deluxe and Ultimate Leggings

Leggings are not just clothes, they’re a lifestyle. Genuine comfort, freedom of movement, versatility and pockets? Give us more! Leggings are your go-to for your everyday life. The ultimate comfort wear, leggings adapt around your lifestyle. Whether you’re heading for yoga, running errands, or spending a day out, leggings suit your every need. EveryBODY, everyday. They are the most versatile clothes you will ever have because they can be paired up with tees, tanks, shirts and dresses. Create new outfits and look your best. You will be swaddled in the kind of heavenly softness that only leggings can offer. Smooth comfort all day, every day.

Here at Natopia, we believe that leggings are for everyBODY. Available in a range of sizes: one size 8-14, plus size 16-20 and curvy 22-26. Our wide range of leggings are designed to bring flexibility and ease to every body. Comfort and unmatched quality is what you find at Natopia. Our amazing leggings come in three styles. Read below to find out what our Super Soft, Deluxe and Ultimate leggings are all about.

Super Soft Leggings 

Super Soft leggings are all about that buttery, milky softness. Our original range of Super Soft leggings are made of the lightest fabric in our collection. Silky, soft, and incredibly flexible, these leggings are perfect for people who prefer leggings that are not too tight or compressive. It's high waisted, with a soft yoga waistband, and is unbelievably comfortable. All the leggings in this range should be squat proof, as long as you are wearing the correct size.

Loved by all, our Super Soft range is available in many sizes for both kids and adults. This range is made of a luscious blend of polyester and spandex and has a soft waistband. They are the stretchiest of all our leggings. If you are after breathable comfort, look no further! Try our Black Super Soft Leggings. This pair will keep you looking stylish and feeling comfy. Natopia also specialises in the best-quality prints. Our leopard print Super Soft Leggings are customer-favourites. Put a spin on the traditional leopard print and get pink ones to add some pizzazz!

Deluxe Leggings

Our Deluxe leggings are very popular and come in a range of fun prints. Natopia’s Deluxe leggings collection is available in every size and is full of vibrant colours and trendy prints. Our Deluxe leggings have a thicker fabric than our Super Soft leggings and a slightly tighter fit. They're as buttery soft as the Super Soft, but they're not as stretchy. These leggings have a high, non-slip waistband with a small elastic band sewed in at the top. This reinforced elastic waistband ensures that the leggings stay in place. So, this range is ideal for yoga and stretching.

Made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, this blend gives you a good stretch and a snug fit. You can find cute prints like our Fairy Forest Deluxe Leggings, that feature a colourful print of everything-forest. Another well-loved pair would be Nana’s Banket Deluxe Leggings. They come with a unique blanket print that will take you right back to cosy nostalgia. Pair up these beautiful prints with a tee that you love. If you’re after a simpler pair of leggings, why not try our Black Deluxe Leggings. A staple in every wardrobe, these black leggings are your everyday companion.

Ultimate Leggings

Our Ultimate range is the combination of Super Soft and Deluxe. A thicker fabric than the Super Soft, these leggings bring you ultimate comfort. The waistband is the same as the Super Soft, without the elastic sewn into the top of the waistband. so , you can get the stretch of the Deluxe and the buttery softness of the Super Soft. This range truly is the best of both worlds. Find the cutest print of unicorns in this range. A unique print, this pair will add whimsy into your wardrobe. Your little ones should try our Flirty Floral Super Soft Kids Leggings or our Rainbow Dreamcatcher Kids Deluxe Leggings print. The stretchy fabric and soft waistband will make sure that your little one is always comfortable. 

All of the leggings are non see-through. You can pair them up with any and every top. At Natopia, we think that your clothes should reflect who you are. Leggings from Natopia are available in a number of colours and can be worn for a variety of events. Our collection offers a wide range of possibilities, from solid colours like black and blue to vibrant prints, patterns, and motifs. Look through our whole selection of women's leggings to find the perfect pair right now!