Leggings and Loungewear — 2022’s Hottest Look

After close to two years stuck inside, few people are keen to return to uncomfortable fashion. Our collective uniform for much of 2020 and 2021 was pyjamas — maybe tracksuit pants and a hoodie if we were looking for something slightly more ‘formal.’ 

Now life is almost back to normal. Most people are back in the office a few days a week, and many of us are keen to find a new wardrobe that combines fashion and style.

It’s no surprise that leggings have quickly become one of 2022’s hottest trends. High-quality leggings — like those from online leggings store Natopia — are a simple, stylish option for all circumstances, whether you’re running an important meeting in the office or planning a lunchtime power walk with colleagues.

This statement is particularly true for women, who have historically put themselves through great pain in the name of fashion. Gone are the days of high-heels and skinny jeans. Women’s leggings in Australia are a must-have product in 2022, and Natopia is the best place to shop for leggings online!

Tips To Dress Up Your Leggings

Keen to jump on board the leggings train but not quite sure how to style your look to ensure you’re appropriately dressed for all situations? Here are some of Natopia’s top tips for dressing up your leggings.

Find Your Fit

The first step to dressing up your leggings is to ensure they fit properly, which is not a problem when shopping with Natopia. Our leggings are for everyBODY and are available in sizes 8–26. Offering a slim fit without feeling too tight and restrictive, whether you opt for our Deluxe, Super Soft, or Ultimate styles, you can rest assured that your leggings will be both stylish and comfortable.

More information about sizing can be found on our website.

Consider Colour

These days, leggings are available in a broad array of colours, prints, and patterns, meaning it’s pretty easy to find a pair appropriate for your setting.

For example, if you’re looking for women’s leggings in Australia that are perfect for the office, consider Natopia’s very popular Black Basics range. Available in both Deluxe and Super Soft styles, these leggings are understated and, above all, comfortable. We also have leggings available in a block navy colour

Of course, if you’re in a less formal environment and want a pair of leggings that reflect your bright, fun personality, Natopia has a comprehensive range of colourful styles and prints available. Check out our Jungle Party Leggings or Paint Splash Leggings for inspiration!

Steer Clear Of See-Through

One of the most significant problems people tend to have when wearing leggings is the level of opacity. You may not realise that your leggings are transparent in a certain light until it’s too late. 

See-through leggings are a huge no-no, whether you’re in the office or grocery shopping. If you want to ensure your leggings are appropriate in a formal setting, check that they are made from a strong material and are non-transparent.

Think About Your Top

The easiest way to dress up your leggings is to pick an appropriate top. If, for example, you’re dressing for a day at work, be sure your top is long enough. Pair it with a classy blazer, a chic scarf, and a pair of flat boots for the ultimate outfit that combines comfort and style.

Natopia — Your Ultimate Destination For Leggings

With the world in full swing again, the last thing you want to be wasting your time on is thinking about what you’re going to wear to the office or a lunch out with friends. Many women are finding that simplifying their wardrobe is the way to go, by buying several pairs of the same pants or tops.

Shopping with Natopia makes this easy. Our comprehensive range of leggings includes all types of patterns, prints, and colours. Simply find your size and style and buy as many pairs as you need!

At Natopia, we believe leggings are for everyBODY. We’re passionate about providing pants that are both comfortable and stylish. Our leggings are available in sizes ranging from 8–26 and are made from buttery-smooth, non-see-through material, meaning you’ll feel appropriately dressed regardless of the situation.

In 2022, fashion is all about being relaxed, and no pair of pants will help you achieve this better than leggings. Shop with Natopia, a leading online leggings store, to enjoy one of the largest ranges of fashion leggings in Australia!