How to Wear Joggers

Who doesn't love joggers, they're comfortable, simple and easy to wear. We love to wear joggers all year round. They're the perfect blend of ease, comfort and style, ideal for everyday wear. At Natopia, we have taken our love for leggings and decided to make them even dreamier, comfier and more wearable! Our funky joggers are oh so cute and flowy. Made from a super soft fabric and two side pockets, we love wearing them daily for all sorts of occasions. Let us break down our favourite ways to wear and style our Natopia joggers.

Absolute Simplicity in Black Jogger Pants 

If you are a lover of minimalist style, you'll love our classic black joggers. They're exactly simple in black, making it impossible to go wrong. We find ourselves gravitating to these whenever choosing colourful tops, jumpers and outerwear. Feel free to add on the accessories for a little spunk. The simplicity of black joggers will make sure you don’t go over-the-top. 

Here’s a great idea: Why not pair them with some white sneakers, a cropped white top and an overshirt. Throw on matching with some silver jewellery and a crossbody bag - this outfit is perfect for everyday errands and will be your go-to for Sunday brunch! Wearing black joggers means starting with a blank canvas, you can literally take your outfit anywhere by throwing colours, patterns and textures into the mix!

A Sucker for Cute Patterns

Natopia is the queen of cute patterns and quirky designs. We love how easily these colourful joggers can take your basic tee and turn it into a great outfit. You don’t have to put in too much effort for a fun and fabulous outfit. On the days when you want something loose and flowy, reach into our range of joggers. Our Pink Paisley and Gone Troppo Joggers offer a bohemian feel and wearability. Pair these with a simple top or tee, some minimal jewellery and a cute bag and feel fabulous all day long! 

Choose Comfort, Always

Here’s the thing about Natopia: we will always find the perfect match of design and comfort. Clothing that makes you feel comfortable from the inside out is important to us. We love the fact that you can wear Natopia joggers while still being able to look cute! Enjoy our super soft material and comfortable waistband for all day ease and breathability. And find this combination in simple black or beautiful, colourful patterns. 

You can wear these to a slumber party, when running errands or even out to a casual dinner with friends. Simply pair them up with your favourite tee and you are good to go! In the colder months, they will be your go-to pair of bottoms to spend the day on the couch reading. And in the spring, they're your perfect choice for picnics. At Natopia, we believe that clothing should last and meet your needs no matter the season. And whatever you want to do, these joggers will see you through in style and in comfort. 

Style your Jogger Pants your Way

If you are ever in doubt when choosing a piece of funky and fun patterned clothing, go simple. Style your outfit in a way that makes your unique personality shine. Having some plain tops and tees to throw on top of colourful leggings, along with a simple bag and your trusty everyday jewellery. You can never go wrong with these classic outfits. Or take your joggers and add some outerwear that matches your vibe. At the end of the day, your outfit can be whatever you make it. Why not have some fun with it!