How To Style Leggings In Winter

Leggings are the perfect combination of comfort and style. They are the only clothes that actually ooze comfort no matter where you wear them. Perfect for Yoga, running errands, spending the day outside, or for lazy days when you melt into the couch — leggings are a way of life! 

And for our favourite kind of people — the ones who just live in leggings — we have the complete guide to putting together an awesome winter ensemble. Learn how to style leggings in winters so that you can wear your favourite clothing item all year long.

Simple and effortless 

For your winter look, go for uncomplicated. Pair your favourite leggings with a sweater or a hoodie, and you'll look ready for almost anything. Leggings are clothes that offer genuine comfort. So, whether you're getting some groceries or heading for a walk with your fur baby, leggings can give you an easy look and keep you cosy. A warm sweater or hoodie will keep the chill away. So whether you are relaxing at home or heading out, this look is perfect for both. 

We recommend going for our range of colourful women’s leggings that will give your outfit a splash of colour. The Druzy Mandala Deluxe leggings or the Birds of Paradise leggings can be paired up with outerwear in block colours to give you a great look.


For those that are in love with athleisure, leggings are the core aesthetic for winter. Function and fashion in one — say no more! Why not pair your leggings with a crop top or a tee? Top it off with a puffer jacket or a leather jacket and create a look that is balanced and warm. This simple look will be completed with your favourite pair of sneakers. Carry an oversized tote or a crossbody bag if you need to up the style quotient. 

The best part about athleisure? This look moves from gym to casual so easily. You can head to yoga with this look — just take the jacket off. It can even make for a perfect brunch look. Wear it on a chilly day and be comfy all day long. Our Leopard Deluxe women’s leggings are buttery soft and smooth, and will look great with black jackets. 

Casual + Chic 

For the lovers of chic, leggings are the ultimate way to make a fashion statement this winter. Casual chic is all about looking smart and dressed up without wearing clothes that are too formal. And leggings are a great option for the casual chic aesthetic. They can give you absolute comfort, while also giving you a sophisticated and stylish look. It's so simple - your outfit will be put together in a few minutes, and yet, you'll look polished. 

How to get there? It's simple - pair your leggings with a crop top or a tee. Add a coat. Wear your favourite sneakers or a great pair of heels. And bam! There you have it - casual, yet presentable, and ready to hit the town. For this aesthetic, we recommend the Bottlebrush and Friends Deluxe leggings. The fact that these leggings come with pockets is the cherry on top. For something simpler, go for the Navy Deluxe leggings and get an understated look. 

Dressed up and ready to go

For those who want to be dressed up, but don't want to go through the fuss of a formal outfit, choose patterned women’s leggings that will give you a good look and let you be comfortable all day long. Pick the Meteor Shower Deluxe Pocket Leggings and add a shirt or a tee. Pair your outfit with a long coat or a formal jacket. And complete the ensemble with some boots or heels. The long coat or jacket will give you a dressed up silhouette, and the leggings keep you comfy all day long. 

Leggings for everyBODY

Natopia believes that leggings are for everyBODY. Sizes include one size 8-14, plus size 16-20, and curvy 22-26. Our extensive collection of leggings is intended to provide flexibility and comfort to everyBODY. 

Meant for the everyday and for everyBODY, leggings are the most adaptable pieces of clothing you will ever own. You can pair them up with most things in your wardrobe and create fresh outfits with the same leggings. You'll be swathed in the wonderful softness that only leggings can provide. Learn more about our collection of colourful women’s leggings here