Bike Shorts - Natopia is Fighting The Good Fight and Beating Thigh Rub This Summer!

A few trendy pieces cause a lot of debate among fashionistas such as Crocs, micro handbags, and sandals with socks. But some items manage to make such a powerful comeback that it's tough to dismiss their longevity – bike shorts are one of them. 

Bike shorts are back in the trend cycle after a two-decade absence; and they've become a veritable closet staple for just about any woman. Whether you’re off to the beach, lounging at home (watching Netflix), walking the dog, doing your best downward dog, or hitting the gym, we believe every woman should have a pair of bike shorts in her closet, especially in the summertime. 

Natopia’s bike shorts to the rescue!

At Natopia, we are taking it one step further by providing you with fantastic quality bike shorts! These are the loveliest, softest, comfiest shorts ever! Yoga Waist, Easy wear and easy care, a go-to for everyone! These shorts are going to help you stay in style, are super comfortable and convenient, and most importantly, are going to help you beat thigh rub this summer!

We know how important it is to keep cool and stay comfortable; that’s why we believe bike shorts, whether they’re short or long, don’t just have to be for cyclists or gym junkies. Everyone deserves to have a chafe-free summer, which is just one of the endless benefits of bike shorts. 

Let’s have a look at all the features of bike shorts we think are worth celebrating, so you can live your best chafe-free life this summer.

Working from home, going shopping or just busy running errands? 

Long bike shorts are going to be your new best friend. They’re way cooler than regular pants and shorts that are constrictive, tight and basic. Not to mention they’ll keep you cool and show off the perfect amount of skin for those days lazing by the pool.

And the best part? Our high-yoga-non-slip waistband provides that extra security, which means that you can get those squats in with confidence.

Bike shorts have the added bonus of allowing your body to breathe. This will put an end to chub rub at last and let you show off those pins! At Natopia we believe women deserve to feel comfy and cute at all times, which is why you’ll adore our bike shorts that fit to a T but don’t skimp on the comfort factor!

Available in ‘One Size’: 8-14, ‘Plus Size’: 16-20 or ‘Extra Curvy’: 22-26.

Are rainbows your jam? Obsessed with dogs or maybe you’re a cat person? We have a style that suits everyBODY!

Pick Your Pattern, Pick Your Size - It's That Easy!

Find your perfect match. There’s a pair out there for everyone! 

Allow for full range of motion

Cycling shorts are versatile, which is one of their advantages. They'll let you pump your legs swiftly while pedalling without – you guessed it – your thighs constantly rubbing together! 

You'll be able to move freely and won't have to worry about your pants getting caught in your bike chain or exercise equipment. Beach bum? Throw these babies over your swimmers and you're good to go!

We care about solving these problems real women face and making everyone feel their best, which is why we make sure to use our amazing customers in our photos!

Brighten up your wardrobe this summer!

Sunshine calls for bright and cheery prints! We have the softest, most comfortable shorts you've ever worn! Give your body some love over the holiday season and treat yourself to a pair of Natopia bike shorts.