Recreating Our Favourite Mardi Gras Looks

Colour, rainbows and glitter! One of the most fabulous events of the year, the Mardi Gras is something to look forward to every year. From parades to parties, there’s something for everyone. And to get ready for the carnival, you need as much colour and glitter as possible. Take pride in pride and celebrate with colour, creativity and charisma! 

Do you want to recreate the perfect Mardi Gras look? For a great theme party or planning for next year’s carnival, Natopia’s collection of leggings is the perfect addition to your vibrant and flamboyant wardrobe. Offering both style and comfort, leggings are the best of both worlds. They are adaptable and versatile. For those that live and breathe fashion, leggings are your go-to for funky and fun outfits. 

To create the best Mardi Gras outfit, grab our colourful leggings. Natopia is your home of colourful and bright leggings in every size. Here are all the reasons why our leggings can take your Mardi Gras outfit from good to legendary. 

Colourful leggings for days

The range at Natopia comes in every print and pattern imaginable. And for Mardi Gras, the brighter and richer, the better. Mardi Gras is all about expressing your joy. With Natopia’s range of colourful leggings, you will definitely find something that expresses your personality and uniqueness. Not to mention, our colourful leggings, like the Bohemian Ikat Deluxe Capri, is the best kaleidoscopic outfit. For Sydney’s Mardi Gras, take pride in pride.

Our collection of colourful leggings is the best in Australia, with no match for the comfort and quality we offer. Super soft and durable fabric in every fit!  Go loud and go big with the colours. Our Rainbow Star Deluxe Bell Bottoms have a wonderful texture and print, full of colour and perfect for bringing out your playful side. 

Match with glitter and sequins

No Mardi Gras outfit is complete without glitter and sequins. Shimmer your way through the carnival. Pair your favourite colourful leggings with a glittery top or jacket. For those who are not fans of glitter, sequins are the perfect alternative. Glam without the fuss of glitter. Our Proud Pride Deluxe Leggings will be wonderful to pair up with a shimmery top. And you can match it with some sparkling make-up. 

Keep things comfortable

Mardi Gras is a festival. That means that there will be lots of walking and dancing. You’ll be attending multiple events a day and spending a lot of time outside. So when you’re dressing for it, make sure you dress with comfort. 

Our Leopard Deluxe Bell Bottoms are ridiculously soft and stretchy. You can party away without hassle. When you want to dance the night away, comfy leggings and comfier shoes are the way to go. 

Fashion for everyBODY

The pattern and design of your leggings will draw attention to and highlight specific regions of your legs and hips. Finding the ideal size will give you a flattering silhouette. When paired with a great top, the best fit of leggings will complete your look. 

Natopia believes that every body type deserves to feel comfortable and stylish. Leggings are available in all sizes: 8-14 one size, 16-20 plus size, and 22-26 extreme curvy. To find your pair, use the size filters. Whatever your body type and needs are, we have the perfect pair of leggings for you!

Travelling? Take your leggings with you!

Are you travelling to attend Mardi Gras? Take our colourful leggings with you. They will be the easiest travel accessory. They can roll up to fit in your bag. So take them on a plane, in a train or in a car.

Fashion with leggings is free and easy. Wear your favourite leggings as pants, joggers, or loungewear and take advantage of their versatility. Without putting in too much work, you can experiment with new looks and create a great fit for Mardi Gras. You can experiment by wearing the same pair of leggings with different shirts and outfits. Are you ready to design your own look? Check out Natopia's whole range of vibrant leggings today and try something new!